In March of 2015, Mac DeClue's life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with Glioblastoma mulitforme, an aggressive type of brain cancer. Since then, he has undergone surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. In July, four weeks after he finished radiation, he had a follow up MRI which revealed positive news: No new tumor growth and swelling was subsiding.  Mac has continued to show great strides in his health, and has weened off many of his meds. However, he still has obstacles to face, and the fight is not completely over.

Mac has been an inspiration to all within these past few months. Perhaps most inspiring has been his unwavering spirit! On September 24, 2016, all are invited to reciprocate his spirit by walking or running with Team Mac!

To join, simply purchase a T-shirt. Ladies also have the option of purchasing a tank top instead. Last year, we also gave ladies the option of purchasing SweatyBands headbands; this year, we have created a unisex option with trucker hats!

Please check out the Event Details page for further information!


Mac and his niece, Sophie.
Mac and his niece, Sophie.